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Kirk Martensen
Managing Director, HandKind
Organization Overview
Founded in 1997, HandKind Company is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization based in Chicago, Illinois. HandKind programs help parents and caregivers gain access to children’s health related information, services and products. We believe that children's health should be a higher priority, and we strive to increase the visibility and support given to this cause.

HandKind programs help families connect with local, state and national organizations that are committed to children's wellness. Currently, there are three HandKind initiatives or programs, all of which are available for free to the public: 1. HandKind website ( featuring popular health topics and related organizations; 2. printed Children’s Health Resource Guides customized and distributed in local communities; and, 3. KidPons website ( helps to find coupons for groceries and discount offers on other children's health products.

In recognition of the other excellent nonprofit organizations dedicated to children's wellness, HandKind does not accept donations from individuals. Instead, we seek to increase corporate investment, which is estimated at only 5% of all charitable donations. One of our key objectives is to increase total giving, so HandKind fundraising efforts are focused on businesses.

HandKind is operated by a working board of directors, all of whom participate in the programs of the organization. We follow operating standards and guidelines that are considered good practice for a small nonprofit organization - including those from the INDEPENDENT SECTOR, Principles for Good Governance and Ethical Practice.

HandKind is also a member in good standing of the INDEPENDENT SECTOR organization (, the leadership forum for charities, foundations, and corporate giving programs committed to advancing the common good in America and around the world.

HandKind Website
Information gathering is a primary activity for many Americans who use the Internet. In 2009, Nielsen Online estimated that 74% of the U.S. population used the Internet. Health related searches are at the top of the list. The Pew Internet Project estimates that between 75% and 80% of Internet users have searched online for health information. As a result of this demand, there are numerous websites that offer health related information, products and services.

The HandKind website ( was created to help parents and caretakers connect with a wide range of children's health related topics and resources. Our website improves access to healthcare by providing information on ‘high-interest’ children’s health subjects, programs and services. Our website increases search speed and effectiveness by carefully selecting and aggregating information from other sources on the Internet.

The HandKind website incorporates a clean design and clear navigation to provide a good user-experience, regardless of skill level. Content consists of frequently requested information and services that are focused on children’s health. This content is organized into five sections, which also serve as the primary navigation on the website:
  1. Health: diseases, illness, fitness, nutrition, preventive care
  2. Childcare: Au pair, baby sitting, day care, pre-school
  3. Education: elementary school, government programs, nursery school, pre-school
  4. Insurance: government programs, private programs
  5. Donate / Volunteer: non-profit evaluation, volunteering
The website includes several features to improve user effectiveness: MedHunt and Topix are free services provided as a courtesy by other organizations. MedHunt is a powerful medical information search engine owned by the Health On the Net Foundation (, a well respected nonprofit organization. Topix RSS feeds provide links to current information on children’s illnesses. Topix ( is a leading news community and developer of forums, classifieds, publishing platforms, and RSS feeds for major media companies.

Currently, the HandKind website does not include advertising, a community forum or social media features. Our organization is seeking corporate donors and sponsors to make enhancements that would include online support, SEO, social media and contextual advertising. We also require assistance to update the website's content and make other adjustments based on the results from our marketing program.

Children's Health Resource Guide
The Children's Health Resource Guide was created to help parents and caregivers locate a wide range of national, state and local children's health resources. The Guide was created for those who do not have Internet access or are unaware of resources in their community.

Many families are unaware of the programs that are available to them, especially for health insurance. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 88% of all low-income uninsured children are eligible for Medicaid or CHIP (low-cost or free health insurance).

Since 2003, the Children's Health Resource Guide has been distributed free to hundreds of shelters and other community centers located throughout the Chicago area, including CASA of Cook County, Chicago Urban League, Gilda's Club, and YWCA Women's Shelter. The Guides are also distributed at back-to-school events in Chicago area neighborhoods.

The Children's Health Resource Guide lists children's health programs and services focused on low to middle income families in need. Listings include a brief summary of each organization:
  1. Health: diseases, illness, fitness, nutrition, preventive care
  2. Childcare: Au pair, baby sitting, day care, pre-school
  3. Education: elementary school, government programs, nursery school, pre-school
  4. Insurance: government programs, private programs
  5. Local Resources: city and state agencies and programs
HandKind works with businesses as sponsors to underwrite the cost of the Children's Health Resource Guides. The guides are printed in 4x9" format and dispensed from counter-top displays – all provided free to the distribution center.

Businesses that sponsor the Children's Health Resource Guide help to provide a valuable program that benefits many families and children. Our sponsors receive positive exposure within the Guides and on our website, which is part of the HandKind sponsorship program. Our past sponsors have included Ambrozia Studio, Goldmarks Company, and Quantum Group.

Currently, HandKind is seeking sponsors to update and reprint the Children's Health Resource Guide, Chicago edition. Corporate sponsors will receive prominent display in the Children's Health Resource Guides as well as on the HandKind website. Development of new editions for other major cities is planned for 2011.

KidPons Website
Consumer usage of online coupons and discount offers has increased dramatically over recent years. More than 45 million American consumers (over 20% of the population) are now using online coupons, up from 38 million in 2008 according to COUPONS.COM. Although there has also been a significant increase in websites offering coupons, none focus exclusively on children's health products.

The KidPons website ( was created to enable parents and caregivers to quickly locate and secure coupons for groceries and discount offers on children’s health products. Our website includes 'high-interest' children's health topics and searchable links to discounts on products sold by a wide range of retailers. The website features a search function and navigation that guides the user to relevant content, organized into six product groupings:
  1. Health Care products for allergy, cold, pain relief and other illnesses
  2. Food & Nutrition products include groceries, vitamins and supplements
  3. Personal Care products for eye care, oral hygiene, skin care, etc.
  4. Education products such as books, software and games
  5. Fitness products such as instructional DVDs and exercise equipment
  6. Safety products for first aid and home safety
The website includes customized search and social media features as well as original content that is readily identified by search engines and individuals seeking children's health products. Revenue from the website is generated from participation in commission-based and 'pay-per-click' programs: 1., a digital coupon program for groceries provided by Incorporated (; 2. Amazon Associates affiliate program (; and, 3. Google AdSense advertising program (

The KidPons website provides revenue for funding our other HandKind programs. We are currently evaluating potential partners who are capable and interested in operating an online coupon business. Our goal is to secure a strategic alliance partner to enhance, operate and manage the website in exchange for revenue sharing (whereby the alliance partner donates a portion of the KidPons website revenue to HandKind). We also plan to work closely with the KidPons alliance partner on a web-marketing program and social media initiatives.