About Us
Founded in 1997, HandKind is a 501(c)3 organization that helps parents and caregivers gain access to children's health related information, services and products.

HandKind programs promote a wide range of local, state and national organizations that are committed to children’s wellness. Currently, there are three HandKind initiatives or programs, all of which are available for free to the public: 1. The HandKind website (www.handkind.org) featuring popular health topics and related organizations; 2. The printed Children's Health Resource Guide, which is distributed through-out the Chicago area; and, 3. The KidPons, a website that locates online discounts for a wide range of children's health products such as medicine, personal care and educational products.

We believe that children’s health should be a higher priority, and we strive to increase the visibility and support given to this cause. See Our Cause to learn about the state of children's health.

HandKind does not accept donations from individuals. Instead, we seek to increase corporate investment, which is estimated at only 5% of all charitable donations. One of our key objectives is to increase total giving, so HandKind fundraising efforts are focused on businesses.

HandKind is operated by a working board of directors, all of whom participate in the programs of the organization. We follow operating standards and guidelines that are considered good practice for a small nonprofit organization.

See Our Cause or News to learn about our cause and activities.